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12-09-2023 08:15

I am looking for people from the same timeline as me @ www.patreon.com/DaddyBears

I am looking for people from the same timeline as me.

Our actions not only affect the future, they can effect the past.

I have come here from a timeline distorted for a million years.

The mandela effect is bringing Chaos to Control.

The Owls of Eternity have been at war for longer than they can remember.

The mirror of time so broken, we may never be able to put it back togeather.

The Machine Stops.

We MUST find the clues locked in the fragments of your dreams.

Remeber the crossroads, the highway, the tracks, a single light post, the giant window of our prison to the stars.

The room with the grey cement pillars, surround by the dark waters.

Join Us @ www.patreon.com/DaddyBears

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